Wednesday, May 13, 2009

First Trip to the Dentist

Elena had her first trip to the dentist Monday. Well, not her FIRST trip to the dentist, but HER first trip to the dentist. (That would have made more sense if you could have heard my voice inflection and emphasis. You just can't type that.)
She has been to the dentist with Elias and I each three times now, and nothing painful happened to her any of those times. In fact, she was given a new toothbrush (one of her top 5 favorite things in life) and a toy from the grab basket each time. So, when I told her that she had her own dentist appointment Monday, she was actually pretty fired up! They have toys in the waiting room and everyone there is super nice, so what's to be afraid of, right?
If yall could only see the acting job I have put on at the dentist's office the last year and a half. I should seriously win a prize. See, I am terrified of the dentist. Ok, maybe not now, because I have been every 6 months since we moved here and we received dental coverage. But I think it had been probably 3 years before that. And maybe 4 or 5 before that. You get the picture. What's interesting is that I have always disliked the dentist, even though I have never had a cavity or a filling. I did have a HORRIBLE experience with my wisdom teeth surgery, but I was freaked about the dentist years before that. Like make-myself-sick freaked.
But my first appointment with our dentist here was piggy-backed with an appointment for Elias. So I had to act like it was something super-fun. "Yay- someone is going to scrape 3 years worth of plaque from UNDER my gums with a really pokey thing! GREAT! Wooo-hooo!" I actually ended up asking for a numbing cream it was so painful. But Elias feel for it- hook, line, and sinker. And he has LOVED going to the dentist ever since. (even when the dentist had ME pull his 2nd tooth using the tooth-pulling-tool while we were there last October. Apparently Elias is lacking in the pain-sensing-nerve-department)
Elena fell for the act as well and was so excited for her first "tooth shower". (again, I am confused about why she would look forward to this considering she is scared of the actual shower.) The goal was to get her in the chair and count her teeth. Instead, she had a full cleaning and exam by both the hygienist and the dentist!! Her teeth all looked great, but we may be concerned about an under bite. Beth C.- her bottom teeth were actually in front of her top teeth when she bit down. He wasn't sure if she was being silly or if it was her real bite. YIKES! I'm hoping for silly. Haven't really noticed that before. Any tips on getting a good look at it??
btw, the bows on her head are a sample of the bows I am making and selling. i promise a post on that whole thing is coming soon!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Golden Tooth

Ok, I know I have gone a little overboard trying to catch-up-post today. But if I don't get this one down now, I know I will forget it. And that would be sad.
Between the two Jordan boys, we have had all kids of dental drama in the last few weeks. Elias lost both of his top front teeth (with no sign whatsoever of the permanent ones coming anytime soon), and Adaryll had all 4 wisdom teeth extracted Monday. Just that word- extracted- gives me the heebie-geebies. yuck. That's a whole other post! Anyway, because of all of that, teeth have been a hot topic at the Jordan house for a while.
Today, on the way home from church, we had a conversation that went something like this:
Elena: When I get home, I want some canty. (Elena-ese for candy)
Mommy: No. No candy today.
Elena: Why not?
Mommy: Because you had that candy at church.
Elias: What candy?
Mommy: (man these kids should be lawyers!) That mint you both had at the welcome center. (ok, it wasn't exactly candy, but whatever)
Elias: oh yeah.
Elena: I want more candy.
Mommy: Do you know what happens when you eat too much candy?
Elias: Yes. You get cranky it isn't good for your body.
Mommy: And what happens to your teeth?
Elena: (listening intently)
Elias: Well, you get cavities.
Mommy: Right, and then they get rotten and fall out.
Elena: And then you have to go to the doctor!
Elias: And then you have to get fake, GOLD teeth!
Elena: YAH!! And you get to have PRINCESS TEETH! And it will be SOOOO PRETTY!

hmm, not exactly where I planned on that going.....

Easter 2009 in pictures

Easter was so special this year. My mom, Raun, and my grandma all got to be here with us. As always, taking pictures of the kids was hugely entertaining. I still laugh out loud when I look at these.

TTU + UT = ???

Ok, so everyone out there knows how we at the Jordan house feel about the UT Longhorns. The problem with how we feel is that we live in Austin, TX now. And there aren't many here who would agree with us. :) I don't remember if I told yall, but when Texas Tech beat UT in football last year, Elias made the Texas Tech guns up with one hand and the UT Longhorn with the other hand. Then he pointed the Texas Tech gun at the UT Longhorn and shot it. The UT Longhorn hand fell over dead. Adaryll and I have had few prouder moments. :) We quickly told him to never, ever do that out in public in Austin though.
So, the thing about raising kids here is that they make friends. With kids of UT fans. Surprisingly, we have found that there actually are some cool UT people out there. (I know, I can't believe I just wrote that either.) But some of our newest, closest friends have ended up being Longhorns. So, do you all know the signs for the TT gun and the UT Longhorn? Adaryll and I realized that if you put them both together, you get the ASL sign for Love. Who knew? And with that word, I leave you with pictures of what some would consider child abuse, but we are learning to embrace in our new, burnt-orange culture....

Little Gymnast

After a month in the 2-year-old class, Elena's gymnastics coaches decided to have her try the 3 and 4 year old class. She LOVES it! She totally understands that she has gymnastics on Mondays, so she has started asking about it several times a week. "Is it Monday?" "When is Monday?" "Do I have gymnastics Monday?" "I want to wear my leotard." I get such a kick out of sitting in the hall watching through the window each week. The best is when she makes eye contact with me and just starts waving super-excitedly as if she didn't know I was there. Here are some pictures of the cuteness...