Monday, January 28, 2008

Gettin' Settled

Did yall hear that? The Texan twang is already settlin' back in!
We arrived in Austin Thursday a week and a half ago, and our stuff got here the next day. And so began the process of gettin' settled. And what a process it has been! Room by room, my mom and I have worked through the boxes. Today marks the end of the boxes in the house, but we still have a way to go out in the garage. Slow and steady, right?! Tell that to a type-A person who is desperate for life to "get back to normal" --- whatever normal is!
The kids have done great with the adjustment. There have definitely been some "I miss my friends" moments (for me too!), but overall they are both doing really good.
The house is really nice- Adaryll did good! (he came down by himself to find it.) We have plenty of room for everyone and everything we have unpacked has found a home.
And church. WOW! Church has been just awesome! We have loved both Sunday services we have been here for. The pastor is such a great speaker and really communicates God's Word in a wonderful way. He also has a wonderful spirit and Adaryll has loved working with him. If you want to check out the website or view a service or music, go to .
Well, I'm fixin' to unpack the piano room (did you hear the Texas twang again?!) and be done with boxes for a long, long time I hope! Keep praying for us as we finish getting stettled into our house and begin getting settled into Austin!

Monday, January 14, 2008

We Will Miss All Yall!!!

To our TPCC family- We are going to miss each one of you so much! So many of you have blessed our lives and your friendships have made our lives fuller! Please know that we sincerely look forward to having company and if any of you would like to come to Austin and stay at the Jordan Inn, we would LOVE to have you! Rawsons, Harleys, Steph & Kelly, Carters, Evanses- I am counting on you guys to follow through and come see us so I can see a familiar friendly face soon!!!
Today was such a day of mixed emotions. We know we are going where God has called us for this time, but that really didn't make it any easier to hug your necks without sobbing!! Aaron's message is really just sticking with me- live for the line and not just the dot. That applies to everything we think and do. This move is really not about me or us as a family. It is about God and eternity and what He is asking us to do to forward His kingdom. He is calling us to Austin and to Hill Country Bible Church so that we can be used in the ministries they have to reach every man, woman, and child in the greater Austin area. So it really doesn't matter that moving is hard and leaving people you love is even harder (and doing any of the above 4 weeks post-reconstructive foot surgery is NOT something I would recommend!). But what matters is going where God has called us so that people in Austin will hear the gospel and possibly make a decision to change where they will spend eternity on the line once their teeny tiny dot of a life is over.
So tonight we are surrounded by hundreds of boxes holding all our treasures (anyone else get caught off guard by Aaron reminding us that all of our treasures- even our bodies- eventually end up in boxes???! I never thought of that!) And what I MUST remember as we pull out tomorrow is that what really matters is keeping Christ the center and focus of my life and treasuring that above ALL else.
So, good night one last time from Indianapolis, Indiana. (where is it FREEZING outside, I might add!!!) :)