Thursday, September 13, 2007

Oh, For the Dawg Days of Summer...

We had our last summer popsicles with neighbors last night. Elena finally got one of her very own for the first time (she normally just mooches off the moms). It was cool enough yesterday that I had her in long sleeves and jeans all day, but when the kids came out with popsicles- well, who can resist?! So, Ian McC. handed out one to each friend and they all proceeded to load up with sugar and dye coloring. Elena was in heaven with her blue rasberry.
Then, all of the sudden, we hear Maggie crying and freaking out. And justifyably so- a bee had flown onto her popsicle just as she put it in her mouth. So she feels it sting her tongue and then realizes THERE IS A BUG IN MY MOUTH! Much crying, concern from the other kids, and Benedryl followed, with the conclusion that the bees are officially out (they start stinging from about now until November) and there will be no more sugary treats outside!


We have been going to Club Rock- a worship service for kids and parents and at neighbor's church- for about a year now. Last night was the first one of the summer. The way they teach at Club Rock is mostly through drama skits, and the music is way-cool.
So last night was the fall kick-off for Club Rock and the value this month is INITIATIVE: seeing what needs to be done AND doing it. One of the skits was with "Coach Fred" (the pastor of the church comes out in coach gear and gives some sort of monologue about the value relating it to sports). So... many of you know it has long been Elias' dream to get to be on the Club Rock stage...
Coach Fred was talking about how the Colts used to be like 6 and 10 before Coach Dungy came on staff. But that when Coach Dungy came, he saw what needed to be done and did it. He called Ian Miller (another neighbor) up on the stage (the kids all sit on the floor at the stairs of the stage). He said that if he were Coach Dungy, he would say "Ok, I need a new quarterback", and he would get someone like Ian to play quarterback. Then he picked another kid from the crowc (wearing the black shirt in the picture) and said that he would also get a new lineman to protect his new quarterback. Well, as he was talking to the little boy about being a lineman, Elias just decided he wanted to be part of the fun too, so he walked up onto the stage and stood next to Ian. The parents were all giggling.

So you see him standing next to Ian above. Well, then Coach Fred realizes what has happened and he goes over to Elias and says "And then I would need to get a tight end who could score me some touchdowns. Could you score me some touchdowns?" Elias replies sheepishly, "I don't know". Fred says "Well, he doesn't know. But I think he could!" Parents now really giggling.

So then he goes on to explain how he would get a coach for each of these new players and train them up, etc. And that they would eventually become on Superbowl Champions. Elias stays by Ian and listens.

After it was all over they went back to their spots at the bottom on the stairs for the rest of Club Rock. And when Club Rock ended Elias ran to me and hugged me and told me "I am so proud of me for going on the stage!" Needless to say, all I said was "I'm so proud of you too!" And so he had his day on the Club Rock stage- Finally!

Pictures courtesy of Jennie M. (Ian's mom) who was prepared with her camera. She emailed them to me, which is nice because I have been unable to get pics off my camera onto my computer because my computer randomly decided the drivers are no longer there. Ugh!