Sunday, December 30, 2007

Even Bigger Difference 5 Years Makes!!!

I love it that Elias cried in his second picture too. I think every kid deserves the picture crying on Santa's lap. I have one of me, but it is packed in a box already. Maybe I will remember to post it when we get to Austin!
Anyway, wow has Elias grown and changed! He was so shy and reserved even just a year ago. Lately he has really come out of his shell and wants to make conversation with everyone! Hard to believe he is old enough to already have his 6th Santa pic!

What a differemce a year makes...

Last year, Elena had not a care in the world as we sat her in the lap of a strange, furry-faced, red-suit-wearing guy. This year- not so much. She definitely let us know she protested. In the picture she is holding a sucker that Santa gave her as we approached him. After the picture I picked her up (she immediately calmed down) and Santa put his hand out as if to shake hers or give her 5. At that, she proceeded to give him his sucker back.

Monday, December 24, 2007

Did That All Just Really Happen In One Month?!

(Deep breath)
Ok, so what a month we have had! It has been one of those months that has flown by without even the opportunity to visit my own blog site, much less anyone else's, and surely not enough time to actually post an update! So, here goes...
At the beginning of December, we announced to our church family that we are leaving in January to move to Austin, TX. Adaryll will be working as one of 4 small groups pastors and also overseeing assimilation of new members at Hill Country Bible Church. He will shepherd around 40-50 small group leaders, which means he will spend most of his time investing in the lives of these guys- having one-on-one breakfasts, finding out how they are growing spiritually, just being "their guy". Sound like a good fit? :) For any of you who know Adaryll well, you know that is just who he is!
So, the movers are coming, the movers are coming!!! As of right now, it looks like they will be loading the truck January 14th and then we will start our 3 day drive to Austin the 15th. Pray for us- Elena is really not that fun to ride in a car with!!!
In other news, and in keeping with the Jordan tradition of having some sort of major medical thing going on anytime we move, I had reconstructive foot surgery 10 days ago. This makes me the proud new owner of two 3-inch-long screws in my ankle, 2 new big incision scars, and lots of narcotics (well, there aren't that many narcotics left, actually).
I scheduled the surgery for December 14th way back in September because I knew Adaryll would have 2 weeks off at Christmas time. When we took the job in Austin, I decided I should postpont the surgery until the spring, but when I saw the doctor again, 2 bones had begun to fracture. So, no postponing. Several friends from TPCC have had surgery with this doctor and all said they had "no pain". Let me repeat- they ALL said that they had "NO PAIN". I woke up from anestesia in so much pain the added morphine to my IV. Now, I know what I had done was really extensive, but I honestly thought I was going to be painfree from day 1. Am I a sucker or what?!
They moved several bones that had drifted out of place and fused the joints so that they stay where they belong and they put the 2 screws in my metatarsal/tarsal joint. Then, through another incision in my calf muscle, they elongated my Achilles tendon. Sounds like fun, huh?!
Soooo, after lots of narcotics, anti-inflammatories, and good old Tylenol, today was actually the first day of any significant improvement in pain. I am so thankful it is finally getting more tolerable!! And the stitches come out Wednesday, at which point I will get my next instructions. Up to now the instructions were to stay in bed with it iced and elevated until Wednesday.
So that is the Jordan life update in a nutshell. So much more to say about all the little things going on and funny things the kids have done. Hopefully I will get back to making time to blog and keep in touch with all my faithful blogging friends! :)