Thursday, June 10, 2010

Heeeeeeeeere We Go!!!

Ok, the silence has gone on WAY too long. And so, with encouragement from many of you to get this party started once again, here I am! =)
So many things have happened over the last several months. I have learned more than I could possibly record in the short time I have to blog this afternoon, so some of that will have to wait. I am actually going to try to go through my photo files and back-blog important things. It's either that or Elias' entire first grade year be missing when I order my blog printed in book-form someday. =) And there have been some GREAT moments! Don't get me wrong- this season has been REALLY difficult and trying, but we are exactly where we know we are supposed to be in this moment. And there is just an unexplainable peace in that.

So I greet you once again, sweet friends, with a funny story (which I recently said on Facebook was so funny and blogworthy that it would end the 6 months of silence on my blog)...

All four of us were sitting at the dinner table when something came up about Elena turning four soon. Elena began to talk about, as she regularly does, "when she was a baby". The conversation them moved to when Elena was in my tummy and Elias used to talk to her. All of the sudden, Elias began to ask questions about how Elena got out. Normally, we just answer questions like this on a truthful, but age-appropriate answer such as, "Well, when God decides it's time for the baby to come out, the Mommy goes to the hospital and has the baby. Then the doctors make sure the baby is ok and eating well, and they both come home in a couple of days." Typically, this type of answer is completely satisfactory. Not this night. No way, no how. The boy wanted answers. And he wanted them right there at the dinner table. As we kept straight faces and continued to re-word our answer over and over, his questions got more intense. His progression went something like this...
"How did Elena get out of your tummy though, Mommy?" *insert simple explanation here*
"Did she come out your mouth? Through your throat?!" *insert Mommy gagging on food from both hilarity and complete disgust at this idea. Then repeat simple answer*
"Did she come out your belly button?!" *Again, trying not to laugh, explaining (because he REALLY does want to know!) why we all have belly buttons. Talk about how babies get all their vitamins and nutrition through the tube that attaches the inside of Mommy to baby. Hope he forgets original question.*

*Pause* Hope that scientific explanation and distraction really worked...

"I just don't get it, Mommy! How did she get out?! Wasn't there a HOLE?!?!?!"

Me: "You know what, Elias. When Elena came out, she was really gross and slimy. And I don't really want to talk about it at the dinner table." *rush to and order the next book in the Focus on the Family sex-ed series*

See, aren't you glad I'm back!!! ;)