Monday, August 24, 2009

Here We Go Again!

The first day of first grade is tomorrow! I can't even begin to explain how excited I am about Elias' class- his teacher, his classmates, the parents! I absolutely LOVE our school and feel so blessed to be able to be a part of the community there.

Quick, funny story: A little birdie told me which class Elias was going to be in for first grade, but I didn't pass the information on to him knowing that there was a chance he could be moved between classes. As the summer progressed, we decided to start praying about his first grade class. One night, at the dinner table, we had the following conversation:
Elias: "I know which class I am going to be in. I am going to be in Ms. King's class because they had their Camp Watermelon tents setup before any of the other classes."
Mom: "Hmm. Actually, Ms. King won't be teaching first grade next year."
Elias: "Oh. Well, I know I am going to be in Ms. Gates class."
Mom: "Remember last year when we prayed and asked God to put you in just the right Kindergarten class? He did a GREAT job with that, didn't he? God already knows who your teacher is and we don't have to try to figure it out, but we can pray for whoever it is going to be and that it would be just the right one for you."
Elias: "Ok." *places his hands over his heart and looks up at the ceiling for about a minute. maybe two.* *laughs* "I was wrong!!! It's Mrs. Baker! I am in Mrs. Baker's class!"
Mom: *totally looking confused* "WHAT?!"
Elias: "I just asked God, and He told me it is Mrs. Baker!"

Well, God and Mrs. Baker, we can't wait for the year you have in store for us!!!


Jennifer Dove said...

That is precious! Can Elias ask God a question for me...I cant seem to get an answer but maybe he can :)

Jackson said...

Hi friend!!! Well, Jack is in 4th.. Colby in 1st.. Bo in PreK... and Max home with me! Time is flying!!

Susy said...

That is amazing! Elias sure knows how to listen to God!!! You know Eliana and your kiddos can be name-buddies :)