Thursday, August 27, 2009

The First Day of First Grade

Anyone out there ever seen the VeggieTales Jonah movie? You know the "Billy Joe McGuffrey" song they sing in the van on the way to the Twippo concert? I have been singing that song ALL week. Only we made up our own words and verses about "Elias Daniel Jordan" and the first days of first grade. It's been a GREAT week!

First of all, I recognize how blessed we are to be able to send Elias to a Christian school. It warms my heart to hear staff from last year speak highly of him and know that they have been praying for these kids all summer.
I love that this morning, as Mrs. Baker taught one of their summer books "The Three Little Pigs", she explained to them that this wasn't just a story about pigs. It is a story about us. About how well we listen to instruction from God (In this version, the mom pig tells her 3 sons to build their houses out of strong materials but only one pig does so. The other 2 actually get eaten, which I thought was a little harsh until I heard her tie it all in.) About how if you build your "house" out of things that won't last, the wind that will eventually come will blow it down. Wow- I am 32 and sometimes need that reminder! How great to hear at 6!
I love that, every morning, Mrs. Baker takes prayer requests from the kids and begins the day asking God to guide their little minds. I did have to stifle several laughs as I listened to some of their requests while I did some filing in the classroom yesterday. :)
I love that Mrs. Baker didn't just tell them where to put their backpacks, water bottles, and lunchboxes on the first day. She explained to them that God is a God of order (just read the Genesis account of creation and try to argue that one!).
I love that when Elias was given the opportunity to participate in the gifted and talented program, we were able to go to the leadership of the school and ask them to join us in prayer about God providing the funds to make that happen. And that I knew they would actually pray! And that today, less than 24 hours later, someone came to find me to say that a gift had come in to the school specifically to help a GT student. I have seen God move people's hearts so many times that it is ironic that this would surprise me, but it still did! I wish I could write that family a letter telling them of the journey we have been on- praying for God to provide a way or to fill our hearts to overflowing with contentedness with what we have. I really can't express the appreciation I feel that such a thing was done for my child. Makes me wonder how God must feel when we do nice things for His children.

So here are some pics from the first day. It was a great, great day. Elias' first favorite things about first grade were that he is in Kelii's class (and they actually sit right next to each other- brave woman that teacher is!) and that Mrs. Baker likes to say "BINGO!" when someone gives a correct answer. :)


Susy said...

They are precious! And I hadn't thought about it before but that day he was reading his book in our parenting class, I didnt realize he was going into 1st grade! How wonderful for God to provide for his giftedness!

Cathy said...

So sweet! What a blessing that so much prayer goes into everything they do. Back in the day, my first grade teacher was named Mrs. Baker too!

lissie said...

i think the pictures from last year are cuter!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jen. Very cool how God provided for Elias to be in the gifted class!! That will be such an amazing experience for him. I also read down your page to your fire department story. That sounds like something that would happen to us....too funny. ~The Hulsebus'

lissie said...

what happened to us and blogging. we're both such blogging used-to-be's!!

Mommahen said...

Jennifer! I have looked over your pictures and read some of your posts--hope you don't mind-- and think to myself what a beautiful family Adaryll has!

I was so sad I could not meet you Saturday! I wish I could say I have known you from the beginning of your romance. I know that you have so many friends here in the big L town, but next time you are here I would LOVE to meet you, if you have time.

Thank you for stopping by. Feel free to come back. I would be honored.

lissie said...

ok, really now. i know you're sad that you don't get to see this face everyday. but no more blogging!?
this has to stop!


Jennifer said...

Wow, I didn't know financial gifts were even available for the gifted program...I just completely disregarded it altogether when I saw how much it cost. Good info...

lissie said...

part of being in the friday five group is that you're a who blogs!!!
no posting friday five?!!?


lissie said...

friday five!
friday five!