Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Good Friends

We have had such a great time with Andy, Lori, Jaren and Jenna this week! I am so sad to see them head back to Indiana tomorrow. It has just been so good to spend time with good friends. A good reminder that these friendships will remain, even across the miles! And when we do actually cross the miles to see one another face to face, it will be just like old times!

Here are some highlights of the week...

Welcome to Texas!

Kids after church Sunday

Yeah for friends!

Double Yeah for friends!!!

Elias had a TBall game Sunday night

Jaren and Andy went to cheer on the Mets

Playing in the playhouse outside. Nothing like the smell of fake bluebonnets!!!

Sweet girls holding hands

Daddies took the kids to a playground where they could excavate dinosaurs while Mommies had a girls' day out.

I kept the kids while Andy and Lori went to San Antonio. Here are the boys at dinner showing me their muscles.

All 8 of us at dinner at Rudy's ("The Worst Bar-B-Q in Texas")


Daveeeeeeeeeeeeee, Davy Crockett, King of the Wild Frontier...

Everyone eating popcorn and watching a movie the last night


The Spears said...

Great pictures! One day we will have pictures of our kid and your kids together! I still can not believe this! (still not excited, but better than last Saturday!) I love your hair too. Brent says that Marketplace serves the "Rudy's.. the worst bbq in town!"

amypfan said...

So precious! And Elias is looking so grown-up in these pictures!