Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy 7th Birthday, Elias!

I know this post is a couple of weeks late, but I thought I'd at least get it up while we are still in the month of October. =) (I have about 3 hours left...)
Elias had a great birthday this year. As usual, it was more like birthday week with the celebration of both of our birthdays ran on and on. We ate at Spaghetti Warehouse, which was major excitement since his favorite food ever is spaghetti. He opened gifts from the family on his actual day and then had a birthday party a few days later at Gattiland.
I honestly can't believe that I have a 7 year old. It just doesn't seem possible that he could be that old. Not that it's old, but it just doesn't seem like that amount of time can possibly have passed with him in our family. What a joy he is to us! I thank God every day for allowing me to be his Mom, and I can't wait to see what his future holds.

Elias was excited about his new "Bee-noculars" from Honey & Raun
We got him a Nintendo DSi, which he has wanted for about a year

He also got this case to hold his DSi and games, etc. He opened it, read the package, and exclaimed "YES!!!! My very own UNIVERSAL TRANSPORTER!!!" He still calls it that. heehee

Party with friends at Gattiland. What a great time!

Star Wars birthday cake.


amypfan said...

When did this kid get so BIG?!?!

lissie said...

"universal transporter" hahahhaha. i can hear him reading that and sounding so sincere! =)

tricia said...

Love the Universal Transporter comment!!